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German Patent registered

jacose provides clothing protection for almost any job:

as dust-protection
e.g. for architects etc. on building sites/Inspections

as rain protection
e.g. for golfers, sailors and Outdoor-sportsmen

as inclement weather-protection
e.g. for motorcyclists, bycyclists, hikers,etc. Easily removed and stored for reuse when necessary

They already exist ??? ..... e.g. the well-known Overalls!?!?!?

The advantage over other well-known types of Protection-clothing comes from the special arrangment of the zippers, which makes it possible to wear the protective -clothing anytime, anywhere over your normal Clothing (suit, uniform etc.), without having to remove Shoes, headgear etc. or crumple your clothing.

No Gymnastics, no contortions, unlike Overalls
The jacose - suit slips on like a coat or jacket and requires no removal of shoes, clothing or headgear.

This results in a very fast and effective protection from the elements.

This newly developed
jacose - suit can be carried with you anytime, anywhere, quickly zipped on when needed, or worn over existing clothing to provide protection from road grime, rain, snow, wind, etc.anywhere you may be.

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