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The idea......

As a person living in big city, I drove in heavy traffic everyday, fighting traffic jams, crazy drivers and fighting for parking places, until it dawned on me that a motorcycle or motor scooter was the answer !

So I bought a motorcycle, problems solved - almost -.

I get into the city quickly , fewer parking place-worries- money saved for the cost of parking in commercial parking lots or garages. You can almost always find a free parking space for a motorcycle.

The first problem began with the dress code of the company. I had to bring clothes with me and change quickly before I began work or leave them overnight to wear a second day. Neither was a very good alternative.

On days that I had to appear in court or had important meetings with other businessmen or sat in on negotiations, I would again have to get the car out of the garage, fight the traffic remembering to add at least 30 minutes for finding an acceptable parking place, etc.

This was the situation when I developed the jacose - Suit. Today I can drive to work in the proper attire, fully protected from the dirt and grime of the road by my Jacose suit, remove it in seconds, store it in my motorcycle or office desk and be ready to meet any requirement of my job.

The possibilities for the jacose suit are unlimited. By using special materials and fabrics, it is possible to use the design in everything from baby clothing to chemical saftey suits.